What’s New in FrameScript 6

FrameScript 6

September 2, 2015 – FrameScript 6 is now available for FrameMaker 2015

January 23, 2014 – FrameScript 6 is now available for FrameMaker 12

July 22, 2013 – New FrameScript 6 release.

This document is a summary of the major changes for FrameScript 6.0. Most current scripts should run without change if scripters followed the general guidelines. Of course, as we add new commands and new functionality, it is inevitable that some conflicts will occur. If a script uses one of the new reserved names as variable names, then there will be a problem. This is why we recommended that scripters not use any name that represents a real word or phrase. Many scripts have followed the convention of prefixing variable names with the letter “v”. If you did this, it should solve most of the variable naming problems. In fact, using the “v” prefix will actually make scripts run faster. Using the”gv”, “lv” and “pv” prefixes (for global variables, local variables, and parameters respectively) will improve performance even more.

The following is a very limited explanation of the new features. See the documentation (in the Doc folder) for the complete documentation on these features. At the end there is a description of several scripts that demonstrate some of these new features.

For beta testers: The items marked with an asterisk denotes functionality that available via the OE/EVM interface. Make sure you download and install the OE/EVM software from the web site (www.ElmSoftOnline.com).

The changes for Version 6.0 fall into the following categories.

  • *The ability to create new object types, via the OE/EVM development system.
  • EForms can use Panels
  • EForm Panels can have automatic layouts.
  • *Perl compatible regular expressions (find, subpatterns,replace text)
  • *Read and Write zip files.
  • *Temporary file manager
  • *Tagged input and output
  • *Html/XHtml/Xml output streams
  • MRU-The FrameScript menu now keeps a list of the most recent scripts)
  • ElmStudio Script Editor can be used with OE programs
  • *Browse for folder dialog
  • EEdit control has NumChars property
  • ListBox control has NumChars and NumLines property

Creating New Classes

The main new feature for FrameScript version 6 is the ability to create your own Classes/Objects. Before version 6,FrameScript contained a fixed set of objects and data items. You could use them as needed, but you couldn’t create new classes. You couldn’t add functionality that wasn’t already there.


FrameScript 6 provides an interface to the OE/EVM development system. This allows you to create objects andclasses and use them in FrameScript using FrameScript commands with FrameScript syntax. You can extend this functionality by creating objects in the OE language, but this is optional. It also allow us to add functionality withouthaving to reinstall the entire product.

See the EslObjects document for more information on OE/EVM.




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