FrameScript saves time and simplifies many document publishing tasks that can be tedious and redundant. You know the old saying – time is money! But don’t take our word for it, read what some of our customers have to say and also view “The Power of FrameScript” a presentation by Paul Schnall.  

“Tim Meiers, a Technical Writer in Austin Texas saysWe have used FrameScript for over five years. The enhanced productivity it provides is like having an extra worker assist you several hours a week. FrameScript pays for itself many times over in increased efficiency, consistency, and speed. FrameScript truly is a tool that allows you to work smarter, not harder. We rely so much on scripting that using FrameMaker without FrameScript is almost inconceivable.”

Michael Mller-Hillebrand of Cap Studio in Germany states,FrameScript has enabled me to offer a more efficient publishing process for my clients. This ranges from simple clean-up routines to sophisticated single-source publishing workflows. Among the strongest benefits are the interoperability between different FrameMaker versions (no recompiling!) and the open nature of script languages. The latter allows users to become their own programmers, if they want!

Paul Schnall, a Technical Writer in Israel writes,I have been using FrameScript for 3 years now. It has saved me months if not years (literally), of tedious work, allowing me to be more productive. Thus, saving my company thousands of dollars in labor costs. I continue to write and modify scripts to perform many tasks globally, modifying hundreds of tables in documents in a few minutes. Many thanks to Frank Elmore and FrameScript!


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