Other FrameScript Resources

FrameScriptis discussed and supported by users, vendors, and consultants world-wide.

Site or Group Title
Adobe FrameMaker Adobe’s FrameMaker product page. Although it does not addressFrameScriptin any manner, it does provide a lot of FrameMaker information.
FrameScript – users A Yahoo group for users ofFrameScript. It was founded August 20, 1999 and is a forum for users to ask questions and discuss concepts.
The online user group and reference site for Adobe FrameMaker. The site provides forums for Frame users to ask questions and discuss concepts and provides news pertaining to FrameMaker, FrameScript and other database publishing events.
Free Framers Another FrameMaker users group with a email list.To subscribe, send a message tomajordomo@omsys.comwith just the line subscribe framers with no name after it, and no subject or signature. If you prefer the digest format, use instead: subscribe framers-digest.FrameScriptis discussed on the list.

If you have aFrameScriptdiscussion group or web resource that you would like to share, please let us know about it bycontacting us.


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