General FrameScript Information

FrameScript has been developed with the FDK to interface with FrameMaker, so you don’t have to know the FDK, C or C++ languages, and programming techniques. FrameScript only requires the knowledge of its scripting language. The script language itself is geared toward high-level users as opposed to programmers. The commands are simplified with many options but with defaults for almost everything.

A FrameScript script is just a sequence of commands in a simple text file. FrameMaker can even be used to produce these script files (File->Save As (text)).

Scripts can be directed to operate by several different means.

One way is to begin operation from the FrameScript menu. A user may select the FrameScript->Run Script menu item (appears in the FrameMaker menu after FrameScript installation) and choose a script file from the displayed dialog box.

Scripts may be installed for use as needed. Once installed, a script (with a user defined label) appears on the FrameScript menu. The user can select a FrameScript menu item to run the script.

There is also an initial script, which optionally runs when the FrameMaker license starts. You may use this initial script to make general customizations to the license and to automatically install other predefined scripts.

Finally, program scripts can also be developed to load and process FrameMaker events. With program scripts, a user may create custom menus items, have script commands run whenever a certain type of document is opened (and even cancel the operation if required), have script commands run before or after documents or books are closed or saved, in addition to many other events.


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