FrameScript Installation

The FrameScript license installation process is primarily accomplished without user involvement beyond the clicking of installation process OK buttons. However, there are certain keys to ensuring the FrameScript license is properly installed.

Note: Before installing FrameScript, it is recommended to uninstall all previous versions of FrameScript or save the new FrameScript version to a different directory.

To install a registered version of FrameScript, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Verify that your system satisfies the minimum FrameScript system requirements.
2. Obtain FrameScript by downloading the installation file from the download pages.
3. Choose the applicable FrameScript file for your version of FrameMaker.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions once the installation application begins.
5. At the end of the installation process, the FrameScript Registration dialog box is displayed.

Enter your unique FrameScript activation key to launch the application.

FrameScript Installation and Registration Help

Below are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth installation and registration process.

  • Verify that there are no typos in the registration key.
  • If you have installed and registered FrameScript successfully but FrameScript does not appear on your toolbar once FrameMaker is open, the maker ini file may not have the proper entry. Open the maker.ini file that is located in the FrameMaker program files and scroll down to the API Clients section. You should have an entry that looks like this:fsl=Standard,FrameScript,C:Program FilesElmSoftFrameScript4_72fsl4_72.dll,all

If the entry is not there, add the above entry but remember to change the path to where you installed FrameScript on your computer and also edit the FrameMaker version if needed.


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