FrameScript 5.2

A FrameScript license must be purchased before downloading the below files.  Customers that have FrameScript versions 5.0, 5.1 or 5.2 can download the current version, 5.2R1 for free.  German customers please download ElmScript.  ElmScript is the product name for FrameScript customers in Germany.

Bug fix updates

The download files on this page are current and includes all bug fixes mentioned below.

8/3/2011 –  Adds the BK Color and UseBKColor properties to the conditional format object (FrameMaker 10 only), build p246.

7/11/2011 –  FrameScript/ElmScript 5.2R1 for all FrameMaker versions (except FrameMaker 10). The new build number is p245. It fixes a bug to the Find FromTextLoc command that was introduced in p241. BTW, the p244 release added the New AttrCondExpr command.

For a complete list of updates and releases, please view the release notes page.

Note: Online activation requires administrator privileges or manual activation is required.  Click here for online and manual activation instructions.

Download files:

If a FrameScript  5.x version is already installed on the same computer, it is not necessary to uninstall and deactivate before installing FrameScript 5.2R1.  It is recommended to install the file to a new directory or folder.

FrameScript 5.2R1Files:

ElmScript 5.2R1 Files (For our customers in Germany)



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