Calendar Script

The FrameScript development team has developed a free calendar generating script for its FrameScript customers.  The script will generate a calendar (in Framemaker) for the specified year. There is an optional data file (in .INI format) where you may place text (up to 3 lines) for any day of the year (such as birthdays or special events). A sample data file is provided. The formatting for the calendar comes from a template which you may modify to suit your own tastes, although changing the font sizes too much might affect the output. Also, there are 12 images (one for each month) that comes with the calendar. You may replace them with your own (6.4″ wide, 1″ height) or remove them entirely. The source code for the calendar is included, so you can modify it with your own ideas. After downloading the file, create a new directory (folder) and unzip the file into this new directory. Use the FrameScript “Run…” menu command to start the calendar.fsl script. Follow the instructions on the screen.



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