Archived Release Notes

FrameScript 5.2 (R1)

August 3, 2011 – bug fix update (FrameMaker 10 only)

Adds the BK Color and UseBKColor properties to the conditional format object (FrameMaker 10 only), build p246.

July 11, 2011 – bug fix update (All FrameMaker versions except FrameMaker 10)

Build number p245 fixes a bug to the Find FromTextLoc command that was introduced in p241.  BTW, the p244 release added the new AttrCondExpr command.

February 23, 2011 – FrameScript 5.2 for FrameMaker 10 now available for download.  This is a free upgrade for FrameScript 5.x users.

July 1, 2010– bug fix update

  • Corrects an error in the RunESlBatch program.  If users have a problem with this program and their build number is less than p238, please download this update.

October 2, 2009 – minor bug fix update

June 30, 2009 – bug fix update only

  • Allow doc object in the Update TestInset
  • For FrameMaker 9, the loop for each (Book Component) goes through the hierarchy
  • The Run ESlBatch program has been updated for FrameMaker 9
  • The location of some of the FrameScript support files, such as fscript.ini and the properties files, are now located in the user documents area
  • For Windows XP and earlier the location is now C:Documents and Settings<UserName>Application DataElmSoftEslv5FmX
  • For Windows Vista, the location is now C:Users<UserName>AppDataRoamingElmSoftEslv5FmXX
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • New menu command properties (CmdSrcType, ScriptName, ScriptFileName and AlwaysInstall) that are valid when the menu command is associated with installed (event or standard) FrameScript scripts new eUtl utility methods (GetCmdSrcType, GetScriptCommandObject, GetScriptFileName and IsScriptAlwaysInstalled) that can be used when you know the name of the installed FrameScript script (event or standard)

February 12, 2009 – this update allows support for FrameMaker 9.

FrameScript 5.1

November 3, 2008 – new features listed below. There are two new predefined named constants, InstalledEventScriptList and InstalledStandardScriptList Find String bug fix when using the UTF-8 character set on FM 8.0.

August 15, 2008 – Minor bug fixes only May 1, 2008 – Enhancements to the activation system

March 3, 2008 – new features listed below

  • Bug fixes and an improved activation system to correct problems with the new activation system that was introduced with FrameScript 5.0
  • This version is also fully functional with FrameMaker 8

FrameScript 5.0

September 24,2007 – this new version introduces a new activation system and the big item is probably the structured import/export, but there are many other interesting things as well.

  • Structured Import/Export functionality
  • ElmStudio Script Editor now has a standalone version
  • ScriptBuilder functionality for ElmStudio
  • ExPat Xml input reader interface (EExPatXml Object
  • Text Parser (ETextParser Object)
  • New EForm Control Tab Control (ETabCtrl Object)
  • New EForm Control Grid Control (EGridCtrl Object)
  • New EForm Images (standard icons, Exclamation, Question, Error, Information)
  • New Data type (DataList)
  • New Data type (DataRecord
  • Updated array features
  • New eUtl functions (GetPropertyValue, SetPropertyValue and FormatString)New Global variables ThisProc, TextItemNameList, NotificationNameList, CharPropChangeNameList

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