Welcome to FrameScript!

FrameScript is a high level, user-oriented, scripting (or macro) language designed to work with Adobe FrameMaker and FrameMaker + SGML.

Current Version

FrameScript 6 supports FrameMaker 2015, other earlier versions of FrameMaker and the Windows 8 operating system. ElmScript is the product name for our customers in Germany and is identical to FrameScript with the same versions available.

Why FrameScript?

Adobe FrameMaker is a popular document publishing software system. Since it is a mainstream product, its goal is to appeal to a large client base. Large software vendors have to carefully choose which features to put into each new release of their products. If it doesn’t put enough useful features in, it might lose customers. If it puts in too many which appeal to only a small market segment, it will be accused of software bloat. The problem is that someone’s bloat maybe someone else’s need.

To permit users to customize their FrameMaker license, Adobe provides the Frame Developers Kit (FDK) which allows programmers access to FrameMaker’s capabilities. It requires the use of the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler for Windows computers plus the services of an experienced (and usually expensive) computer programmer. The FDK gives programmers the power to customize FrameMaker beyond the off the shelf product. FrameScript now brings that power to FrameMaker users instead of just programmers.  More

About Us

Finite Matters Ltd. (FML) is the distributor of FrameScript and has been providing quality, cost effective, on-time information management solutions, consulting services, and mission critical software for over 20 years.  We are also the developers of  PatternStream, our revolutionary data-driven publishing software that works with Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign. Both FrameScript and PatternStream are used by both the public and private sector world-wide to implement data-driven publishing solutions.



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